Walker, Scott & Sunn O))): Soused (Vinyl 2xLP)

Walker, Scott & Sunn O))): Soused (Vinyl 2xLP)

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The album Soused is a collaborative effort between Scott Walker and the experimental metal band Sunn O))). Released by 4AD, this unique album combines elements of avant-garde, drone, and doom metal to create a haunting and immersive listening experience.

Scott Walker, known for his distinctive baritone voice and unconventional songwriting style, has been pushing the boundaries of music for decades. His collaboration with Sunn O))) takes his experimental approach to new heights, as the band's heavy guitar drones provide a dark and atmospheric backdrop for Walker's vocals.

Soused features five tracks that showcase the intense and brooding soundscapes created by this unlikely pairing. The album opens with the epic "Brando," a 22-minute exploration of noise and dissonance that sets the tone for what's to come. Each track builds upon this foundation, incorporating elements of ambient soundscapes, distorted guitars, and eerie vocal harmonies.

The combination of Scott Walker's enigmatic lyrics and Sunn O)))'s powerful instrumentation creates a sense of unease throughout the album. The songs are filled with tension and suspense, as layers of sound intertwine to create an otherworldly atmosphere. This is not an album for the faint-hearted; it demands your full attention and rewards repeated listens.

With Soused, Scott Walker and Sunn O))) have crafted a truly unique musical experience that defies categorization. It is an album that challenges listeners to explore new sonic territories and embrace the unexpected. Whether you're a fan of experimental music or simply looking for something different, Soused is sure to leave a lasting impression.

  1. Brando (Dwellers On The Bluff)
  2. Bull
  3. Herod 2014
  4. Fetish (Flip'N'Zip)
  5. Lullaby

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