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Yello: Yello40 (Vinyl 2xLP)

Yello: Yello40 (Vinyl 2xLP)

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Side A

  1. Bimbo (Solid Pleasure)
  2. Bostich (N’est-ce Pas?) (1980-85 the New Mix in One Go)
  3. Vicious Games (Stella)
  4. Oh Yeah (Stella)
  5. Jungle Bill (Baby)

Side B

  1. Tremendous Pain (Zebra)
  2. Mean Monday (Yello Book Download 2011)
  3. The Expert (Touch Yello)
  4. Waba Duba (Point)
  5. The Race (Live in Berlin 2016)

Side C

  1. Desire (Stella)
  2. Drive Driven (Baby)
  3. The Rhythm Divine (Feat. Shirley Bassey) (One Second)
  4. You Better Hide (Feat. Heidi Happy) (Touch Yello)
  5. Till Tomorrow (Feat. Till Brönner) (Touch Yello)

Side D

  1. 30’000 Days (Toy)
  2. Starlight Scene (Toy)
  3. Spinning My Mind (Point)
  4. Liquid Lies (Yello by Yello)
  5. Meet My Angel (Feat. Fifi Rong) (Point Bonus Track)
  6. Way Down (Point)

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