Wilco: Sky Blue Sky (Coloured Vinyl 2xLP)
Wilco: Sky Blue Sky (Coloured Vinyl 2xLP)

Wilco: Sky Blue Sky (Coloured Vinyl 2xLP)

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Sky Blue Sky has hints of early-seventies southern California folk-rock sweetness in the harmonies.

The album is filled with brash guitar solos that take songs like "You Are My Face" and "Shake It Off" in unexpected directions. At first listen these songs harken back to Wilco's earlier releases, recalling their alt-country roots and eschewing the Jim O'Rourke-inspired noise that made Yankee Hotel Foxtrot such a seminal statement. 

Sky blue vinyl version.

  1. Either Way
  2. You Are My Face
  3. Impossible Germany
  4. Sky Blue Sky
  5. Side With The Seeds
  6. Shake It Off
  7. Please Be Patient With Me
  8. Hate It Here
  9. Leave Me (Like You Found Me)
  10. Walken
  11. What Light
  12. On And On And On

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