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10.5" x 12" hardbound case containing 6 discs and a 240 page hardback book.

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The Waterboys Fisherman's Blues/Room To Roam Band, 1989-90


Celtic Summer
CD1-1 And A Bang On The Ear 8:05
CD1-2 Morag (Songwriting Demo) 1:53
CD1-3 The Winkles Overture 1:21
CD1-4 Bonnie Kate 4:54
CD1-5 The Woodland Strut 1:27
CD1-6 On My Way To Heaven 3:59
CD1-7 Maggie (It's Time For You To Go) 4:24
CD1-8 Old England 6:48
CD1-9 Natural Bridge Blues 2:20
CD1-10 The Wayward Wind 3:47
CD1-11 Morag 2:10
CD1-12 That's The Way The World Goes Round 2:06
CD1-13 Roche's Favourite 3:09
CD1-14 Defying Gravity / Colin's Tune 4:59
CD1-15 Rocking Rose 1:37
CD1-16 Song Of The River 4:32
CD1-17 Three Ships 10:43
CD1-18 The 3 Minutes Before Dinner 3:12
CD1-19 When Will We Be Married (Radio Session) 3:52
CD1-20 The Streets Of Galway 3:18

The Rambles Of Autumn
CD2-1 This Is The Sea / New Morning 9:07
CD2-2 When Ye Go Away 3:35
CD2-3 Fisherman's Blues 4:38
CD2-4 Strange Boat 2:19
CD2-5 Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 4:29
CD2-6 Dingle Regatta 0:37
CD2-7 A Pagan Place / Reels 5:50
CD2-8 The Munster Hop 0:43
CD2-9 Custer's Blues 4:37
CD2-10 Girl Of The North Country 3:56
CD2-11 The Trip To Broadford / Sweet Thing / Blackbird / You Can't Always Get What You Want 12:59
CD2-12 Your Darling Ain't Your Darling Anymore 4:34
CD2-13 Higherbound / The Kings Of Kerry 5:28
CD2-14 Saints And Angels 4:58
CD2-15 Something That Is Gone 3:22

Winter's Work
CD3-1 Carolan's Welcome 2:35
CD3-2 The Raggle Taggle Gypsy 4:07
CD3-3 Disease Of Conceit 4:58
CD3-4 Spirit 2:43
CD3-5 With The Scottish Fiddlers Of Los Angeles 6:30
CD3-6 Morag 2:58
CD3-7 Danny Murphy (Songwriting Demo) 1:04
CD3-8 Jimmy Hickey's Waltz 2:18
CD3-9 How Many Songs Till I Get Home 6:01
CD3-10 The Hut On Staffin Island 2:20
CD3-11 The Pan Within 6:12
CD3-12 Learning The Polka 0:45
CD3-13 The New-Mown Meadow 2:16
CD3-14 Somebody Might Wave Back 2:00
CD3-15 A Man Is In Love (Demo) 3:03
CD3-16 Something That Is Gone (Demo) 3:30
CD3-17 Islandman (Backing Track) 1:57
CD3-18 Song From The End Of The World (Demo) 1:37
CD3-19 Bigger Picture (Songwriting Demo) 1:48
CD3-20 Maybe The Sandman (Rehearsal Jam) 2:24
CD3-21 A Life Of Sundays (Songwriting Demo) 1:00

Atlantic Spring
CD4-1 A Man Is In Love (Rough Mix) 3:24
CD4-2 A Life Of Sundays (Rough Mix) 7:39
CD4-3 Bigger Picture (Rough Mix) 2:46
CD4-4 Lost Highway 3:05
CD4-5 The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Backing Track) 3:28
CD4-6 The Trip To Broadford (Rough Mix) 2:03
CD4-7 The Wyndy Wyndy Road 2:06
CD4-8 Spring Comes To Spiddal (Rough Mix) 1:28
CD4-9 Loopers Return 1:47
CD4-10 Further Up, Further In (Overdub Session) 6:29
CD4-11 Blues With Barry 1:04
CD4-12 And I Dreamed I Wandered 1:40
CD4-13 Room To Roam (Instrumental) 2:42
CD4-14 The Happy One-Step / Blackbird 1:54
CD4-15 Upon The Wind And Waves (Rough Mix) 0:42
CD4-16 Islandman (Rough Mix) 2:06
CD4-17 Yellow Submarine 2:27
CD4-18 The Star And The Sea (Alternate Version) 1:24
CD4-19 Higher In Time 3:13
CD4-20 Tripping Up The Stairs 0:55
CD4-21 Bed On The Floor 4:07
CD4-22 A Song For The Life (Soundcheck) 4:18
CD4-23 A Song For The Life 4:56
CD4-24 Nanny Water 1:19
CD4-25 Natural Bridge Blues (Box Version) 2:01
CD4-26 The Kings Of Kerry (Outdoor Version) 0:56
CD4-27 Spring Comes To Spiddal (Outdoor Version) 1:22
CD4-28 The Inchicore Reel / Alright Folks Now, Time Please 1:49
CD4-29 How Long Will I Love You 2021 2:49
CD4-30 The Music Lasts Forever 5:38

Room To Roam
CD5-1 In Search Of A Rose 1:20
CD5-2 Song From The End Of The World 1:59
CD5-3 A Man Is In Love 3:18
CD5-4 Bigger Picture 2:26
CD5-5 Natural Bridge Blues 2:06
CD5-6 Something That Is Gone 3:16
CD5-7 The Star And The Sea 0:26
CD5-8 A Life Of Sundays 6:13
CD5-9 Islandman 2:06
CD5-10 The Raggle Taggle Gypsy 2:58
CD5-11 How Long Will I Love You 3:38
CD5-12 Upon The Wind And Waves 0:44
CD5-13 Spring Comes To Spiddal 1:24
CD5-14 The Trip To Broadford 1:14
CD5-15 Further Up, Further On 5:35
CD5-16 Room To Roam 2:55
CD5-17 The Kings Of Kerry 0:58

A Band For All Seasons
1 A Band For All Seasons (Home Movies): Glastonbury Festival, UK 18th June 1989 (Bootleg, Approx. 1hr 15mins)
2 Teatro Orfeo, Milan, Italy 29th November 1989 (Bootleg, Approx. 1hr 57mins)
3 Spiddal House Recording Sessions 1990 (Home Movie, Approx. 20mins)
4 Cé A Chónaigh I Mo Theachsa? Spiddal House, 2010 (TG4, Approx. 5mins)
5 Spiddal Reunion, 2012 (Myles O'Reilly, 12mins)

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