Various Artists: Club Coco: ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound Of Now (Vinyl LP)

Various Artists: Club Coco: ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound Of Now (Vinyl LP)

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Coco María and Bongo Joe reunite for the second edition of Club Coco, featuring a sackful of Latin inspired tracks from international bands and producers. All the songs were selected by Coco María, who in recent years has gone from a promising up-and-comer to an ever-present and influential figure in the music industry, widely known for her tireless work shining a light on contemporary, pan-Latin roots music around the world, through both her live DJs sets and eclectic radio sessions.

This compilation brings together several of the most respected and innovative artists on the frontiers of tropical music today. Those who take the energy, melodies and textures of classic Latin music and turn those gems into songs tailor-made for a new generation of music lovers. Simply put, it's a record for those diggers who jump with excitement when they find a vinyl reissue of some Latin star of the past, be it Joe Arroyo, Los Mirlos or Aniceto Molina and then wonder, "This classic music sounds amazing, but where are the bands that are taking these sounds to new places?”.

Whilst the first volume of Club Coco was loaded with groove, cumbia and a proper party-starter feel, this new edition explores the sounds of the pan-Latin post-digital music community in a broader and more eclectic sense (but without straying too far from the dance floor). Featuring emotive cuts, such as the track by Las MijasCoco María opens the audience's ears to new twists and innovations in the Latin American song tradition. By including Ronald Snijders' eighties funky eerie hit, Coco also gives us a taste of the wide range of influences that inspire this community of artists and music lovers, which go far beyond the more expected tropical styles. All of this is tied together through tracks and interludes from Los Pirañas, Juan Hundred, Candeleros, Acid Coco, Dip In The Dub, Iko Chérie, Lola's Dice, Guess What and Raz Olsher, which feel as if those Latin music idols of the late seventies have been reborn and are on a mission to conquer the dancefloors.

Once you pick up this album, you will realize that what you have in your hands is much more than a tracklist of incredible songs. It’s actually a cultural representation and treasure from a community of artists, DJ's and music lovers who use music to express the pride they have for their Latin and Afro heritage. It’s a soundtrack for a music community who travel back and forth between Europe and Latin America, looking for songs that explore new frontiers of tropical music, without losing sight of their roots. Black vinyl version.

  1. Raz Olsher - Pacific Dreams
  2. Los Pirañas - Puerta Del Sol
  3. Lola's Dice - Sacudete
  4. Guess What - Children's Favourite
  5. Acid Coco - Seguimos Sonriendo
  6. Juan Hundred - Always Ready to Smoke
  7. Las Mijas - Ronca (Carta Para Una Mija)
  8. Dip In The Dub - La Cumbia Del Sufi Que No Sabia Bailar
  9. Chupameeldedo - Metalero
  10. Guess What - Stickle Bricks
  11. Candeleros - El Bravo
  12. Iko Chérie - Lepidoptera
  13. Ronald Snijders - Off The Groove
  14. Raz Olsher - Vamonos Cocos

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