Various Artists: Eccentric Soul - The Shiptown Label (Vinyl 2xLP)
Various Artists: Eccentric Soul - The Shiptown Label (Vinyl 2xLP)

Various Artists: Eccentric Soul - The Shiptown Label (Vinyl 2xLP)

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From a humble storefront studio located in a shoeshine parlor on Norfolk, Virginia’s Church Street, Noah Biggs built a world. Hustler by day, gambler by night, the always-in-a-suit Biggs took a gaggle of off-brand singers and combined his connections and charisma to forge timeless soul music during a period of deep upheaval. Compiled here are 25 of Shiptown’s most compelling sides recorded between 1965-1977, spread across 2 LPs, from the likes of Ida Sands, The Soul Duo, The Anglos, Dream Team, The Grooms, Positive Sounds, Barbara Stant, Wilson Williams, Art Ensley, and yes, Flip Flop Stevens.

  1. Dream Team - There He Is
  2. The Soul Duo - Can’t Nobody Love Me (Like My Baby Do)
  3. The Idets - Doggie In The Window
  4. The Anglos - Since You’ve Been Gone
  5. Ida Sands - Prophesize
  6. Barbara Stant - Shadow In Your Footsteps
  7. Wilson Williams - I Can’t Get Used To Losing You
  8. Flip Flop Stevens - Let’s Do That Thing (Part 1)
  9. Barbara Stant - Baby I Love You
  10. Nat Fross - Too Many Skeletons In The Closet
  11. The Grooms - Slow Down
  12. Barbara Stant - My Mind Holds Onto Yesterday
  13. Ida Sands - Start All Over Again
  14. Wilson Williams - I Got A Whole Lot To Be Thankful For
  15. The Positive Sounds - I Almost Blew My Mind
  16. The Grooms - I Deserve A Little Bit More
  17. Barbara Stant - Unsatisfied Woman
  18. The Positive Sounds - You’re The One I Need
  19. Dream Team - I’m Not Satisfied
  20. Ida Sands - Rescue Me
  21. Barbara Stant - I’m Going To Outfit You
  22. The Soul Duo - Are You Lonely For Me Baby
  23. Wilson Williams - Ain’t That Loving You
  24. The Soul Duo - This Is Your Day
  25. Art Ensley and The Fabulous Echoes Band - Open The Door To Your Heart

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