Szun Waves: Earth Patterns (Vinyl LP)

Szun Waves: Earth Patterns (Vinyl LP)

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The members of Szun Waves (Luke Abbott, Jack Wyllie, Laurence Pike) may not have been collectively in the same country, let alone room, for over two years, but that hasn’t prevented them from realising their third album, Earth Patterns.

Where second album, New Hymn To Freedom, had its face tilted up to the heavens, Earth Patterns is a more grounded record, and in places, a more claustrophobic one. Moments of jazz harmony collide with cinematic soundscapes; long searching passages build into kaleidoscopic frenzies.

  1. Exploding Upwards
  2. New Universe
  3. Garden
  4. In The Moon House
  5. Be A Pattern For The World
  6. Willow Leaf Pear
  7. Atomkerne

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