$uicide Boy$: Long Term Effects Of Suffering (Coloured Vinyl LP)

$uicideBoy$: Long Term Effects Of Suffering (Vinyl LP)

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The cousins Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth grew up together, white kids in black neighborhoods on the east and west banks of the New Orleans. Once they joined forces, the result was a dark blend of horrorcore glitch-trap with booming bass, ominous atmospherics, and occultish, drugged-out rhymes.

  1. Degeneration In The Key Of A Minor
  2. If Self-Destruction Was An Olympic Event, Iā€™d Be Tonya Harding
  3. Life Is But A Stream~
  4. 5 Grand At 8 To 1
  5. We Envy Nothing In The World.
  6. Lighting The Flames Of My Own Personal Hell
  7. New Profile Pic
  8. Bleach
  9. Forget It
  10. Avalon
  11. Materialism As A Means To An End
  12. Ugliest
  13. The Number You Have Dialed Is Not In Service

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