Somadrone: Wellpark Avenue (Vinyl LP)

Somadrone: Wellpark Avenue (Vinyl LP)

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Wellpark Avenue is a game changer for Dublin producer, Somadrone. Gone are the drum machines and heavy synthesizer use from Oracle (2015) and The First Wave (2013) and now sees a return to traditional song and instruments akin to Depth of Field (2010) - piano, drums, harpsichords and electronics.

Dystopia, Psychedelia, LSD, Timothy Leary and TV Music of the 1970’s all contribute to the sound of Wellpark Avenue, a sound that references the likes of seminal British band Broadcast.

  1. Prologue
  2. Nowhere
  3. The Howling Infinite
  4. Juniper and Lamplight
  5. Portamento
  6. Garden of Technology
  7. Heavy Bedroom
  8. Epilogue

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