Seeds, The: The Seeds - Deluxe (Vinyl 2xLP)

Seeds, The: The Seeds - Deluxe (Vinyl 2xLP)

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Legendary US garage band The Seeds are best known for their evergreen classics ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ and ‘Can’t Seem To Make You Mine’ that detonated in the US charts in late 1966 and early 1967. Whilst ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ was their only top 40 hit, this song has been discovered by every new generation that hear it from punk rockers of the 70s to those who are glued to their mobile phones today.

Their debut LP The Seeds released in 1966 contains both these tracks and is rightly feted as a garage classic. It is an essential album. As our very own Alec Palao stated, “Like the first Ramones long- player, it is one of rock’s great debuts; an album where, in spite of some obvious influences, a signature sign was sharply defined.”

Ace are delighted to serve up the deluxe edition of The Seeds that was lovingly curated by Palao and released by GNP Crescendo some years back. Not only do you get The Seeds with 12 pulsating tracks but also a bonus LP of alternate versions and a couple of unheard tracks like ‘The Other Place’ and ‘Out Of The Question’. The extended version of ‘Evil Hoodoo’ is a stone cold treat.

Both albums are housed in a gatefold sleeve with an 8-page full colour booklet with Palao’s brilliant liner notes and sensational photos and memorabilia.
  1. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
  2. No Escape
  3. Lose Your Mind
  4. Evil Hoodoo
  5. Girl I Want You
  6. Pushin' Too Hard
  7. Try To Understand
  8. Nobody Spoil
  9. It's A Hard Life
  10. You Can't Be Trusted
  11. Excuse, Excuse
  12. Fallin' In Love
  13. Out Of The Question (Version 1, Master)
  14. Excuse Excuse
  15. Dreaming Of Your Love
  16. Pushin' Too Hard (Take 1)
  17. The Other Place (Take 2)
  18. It's A Hard Life (Take 3)
  19. Nobody Spoil My Fun (Alternate Overdub, Take 3a)
  20. You Can't Be Trusted (Take 3)
  21. Evil Hoodoo (Unedited Take And Intercut Section)

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