Popol Vuh: Cœur De Verre (Vinyl LP)

Popol Vuh: Cœur De Verre (Vinyl LP)

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Another classic soundtrack produced by Popol Vuh for a Werner Herzog film was Herz Aus Glass. Its music still retains the powerful emphasis given to the previous LP in certain passages, although it goes back to their more reflexive ambiental athmospheres yet presenting that concept one step further into more evolutive structures and even adding some touches of a certain folk music feel. Djong Yun is not present anymore, but Daniel Fichelscher and Florian Fricke can still count on the collaboration of Al Gromer on sitar, plus the addition of Mathias von Tippelskirch on flute.

Werner Herzog: “The music in my films is also very much neglected, if I may interrupt you, in Germany as well. Since Aguirre, my friend Florian Fricke, has done the music for almost all my films - for Steiner, for La Soufriere, for Stroszek, and for Heart Of Glass - and I’ve tried to push very hard so that he would be given the National Film Award this year. They’ve never given it to him, and there has been complete neglect of his work. Not even a single mention! And this year they just by-passed him once again!” [From: Images at the Horizon, 1979]

Popol Vuh has been nominated three times for an Oscar for best original score: 1972 (Aguirre), 1979 (Nosferatu) and 1987 (Cobra Verde).

  1. Engel Der Gegenwart
  2. Blätter Aus Dem Buch Der Kühnheit
  3. Das Lied Von Den Hohen Bergen
  4. Hüter Der Schwelle
  5. Der Ruf
  6. Singet, Denn Der Gesang Vertreibt Die Wölfe
  7. Gemeinschaft

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