Nightingales, The: Out Of True (Vinyl 2xLP)

Nightingales, The: Out Of True (Vinyl 2xLP)

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Out Of True, the shock comeback album by the Nightingales, was originally released more than a decade after Robert Lloyd's strange major label foray. Now getting the recognition the band deserve, following the critical success of The Nightingales documentary King Rocker (Stewart Lee), this 2006 comeback record is available on vinyl for the very first time.

Spread across two LPs, with over an hour of banging tunes, this is an essential piece of the band’s history and is packaged with liner notes from Robert Lloyd and a bonus download of the What's Not To Love EP.

  1. Born Again in Birmingham
  2. The Chorus is the Title
  3. Carry on Up the Ante
  4. Hard Up (Buffering 87% Completed).
  5. Taking Away the Stigma of Free School Dinners
  6. Company Man
  7. UK Randy Mom Epidemic
  8. Fifty Fifty
  9. Let's Think About Living
  10. Black Country
  11. Good Boy
  12. Workshy Wunderkind
  13. Rocket Pool via Rough Hills
  14. There's a New World Just Opening For Me

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