Neu!: Neu! (Coloured Vinyl LP)
Neu!: Neu! (Coloured Vinyl LP)

Neu!: Neu! (Coloured Vinyl LP)

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Neu! was recorded over four days in Hamburg in 1972 with Can producer Conrad Plank, and its static, aggressive harmonies and almost (but not quite) robotic sound still has a resonance that echoes even today.
As any musician from Add N to X to Sonic Youth, from Stereolab to Cabaret Voltaire could tell you, early '70s Dusseldorf band Neu! were one third of the original triumvirate - alongside Can and Faust - that defined Krautrock.
2010 stereo reissue pressed on white 180 gram vinyl.
  1. Hallogallo
  2. Sonderangebot
  3. Weissensee
  4. Jahresübersicht (Part One): Im Glück
  5. Jahresübersicht (Part Two): Negativland
  6. Jahresübersicht (Part Three): Lieber Honig

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