Mattiel: Satis Factory (Vinyl LP)

Mattiel: Satis Factory (Vinyl LP)

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Atlanta, Georgia lyricist / vocalist Mattiel Brown and her songwriting / producer collaborators Jonah Swilley and Randy Michael release their second album.

Bluesy riffs launch chugging jug-band music. Good time shake it loose guitar growls and licks like a Howlin’ Wolf. Stomping holler girl blues with an exuberant lust for life and rocking.

  1. Moment Of Death
  2. Rescue You
  3. Je Ne Me Connais Pas
  4. Food For Thought
  5. Keep The Change
  6. Millionaire
  7. Populonia
  8. Blisters
  9. Athlete
  10. Berlin Weekend
  11. Heck Fire
  12. Long Division

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