Martin Savage & The Jiggerz: Martin Savage & The Jiggerz (Vinyl LP)

Martin Savage & The Jiggerz: Martin Savage & The Jiggerz (Vinyl LP)

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From the label -

Who said rock’n’roll is dead? Maybe Dr Frankenstein’s made a rock ‘n’ roll monster cuz it sure seems alive to me. We introduce to you the debut LP of Martin Savage & The Jiggerz.

All three gentlemen in this power trio have a solid background in the rock ’n' roll business which we won’t bore you with here. The band has already released a slew of solid 7” records which we won’t bore you with here either. Get on the internet ya lazy sods!

Anyway, back to this here album: recorded by Ed Deegan at the esteemed Gizzard Recording Studio up in Fish Island, East London, on magnetic tape it delivers 12 solid senders of pure heart-on–the-sleeve rock ‘n’ roll action! From the blastin’ drumroll of opener ‘Between the Lines’, a staple in the band’s live set, via punk ballad anthem ‘Down the Line’ leading up to another live favourite called ‘Boomerang’. There are covers of should-have-been-legends with bad-ass names like the Backstabbers or the Stripes. There are songs about shitty jobs, troublesome relationships, life on the high and life on the low. It’s got everything you need really.

Whether ya dig Boston 1976, Medway 1986 or Memphis 1996 there’s something for you here. You can call it punk, pub rock, garage, glam or any other label you like but we just call it good ole rock ‘n’ roll.

  1. Between the Lines
  2. On the Run
  3. Out of This World
  4. Observer
  5. Next in Line
  6. In the Eyes of a Blind Man
  7. Mailman Blues
  8. Fly by Night
  9. Down the Line
  10. Fast and Loose
  11. On the Corner
  12. Boomerang

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