Kikagaku Moyo: House In The Tall Grass (Vinyl LP)
Kikagaku Moyo: House In The Tall Grass (Vinyl LP)

Kikagaku Moyo: House In The Tall Grass (Vinyl LP)

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Like a long journey, this record unfolds itself through many layers.

Fans of Kikagaku Moyo will be comforted by the soft vocals harmonies and warm Sitar but what sets this release apart is the refinement of the band’s songwriting and their delicate execution.

Side A begins with a pair of travelling songs where the interplay between the vocals, guitar, and sitar lift and suspend you on an unexpected journey. 

The patient listener is rewarded by tracks like “Trad” and “Silver Owl” that demonstrate the masterful balance the band has between soft and loud; chaos and order, or being both cold and tender at the same time.

House in the Tall Grass takes the listener by the hand on a comfortable quest through destinations both familiar and unknown.

It is a natural step forward for the band and perhaps the most refined example of their style to date.

  1. Green Sugar
  2. Kogarashi
  3. Old Snow, White Sun
  4. Melted Crystal
  5. Dune
  6. Silver Owl
  7. Fata Morgana
  8. Trad
  9. Cardigan Song

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