Kano: Kano (Vinyl LP)

Kano: Kano (Vinyl LP)

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The first successful pioneer and ambassadors of the newly-minted "italo disco", Stefano Pulga and Luciano Ninzatti formed the core of Kano forging a consistent and memorable sound maintened throughout.
This is the sound of an army of buzzing, mini-computers and thickly-slapped bass guitars igniting neon squares across dancefloors worldwide. As such, it sort of straddles the line between italo disco and synth funk.
Each of the six songs provides 6 to 7 minutes of danceable delights with lengthy instrumental stretches perfect for nightclubs.

  1. It's A War
  2. Now Baby Now
  3. Cosmic Voyager
  4. Ahjia
  5. Super Extra Sexy Sign
  6. I'm Ready

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