McMorrow, James Vincent: True Care (Vinyl LP)

McMorrow, James Vincent: True Care (Vinyl LP)

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From its cinematic opening lyric "December 2914 / I still don't understand a thing" James Vincent McMorrow's fourth album, True Care, is a futuristic mix of introspection, memory, and piercing honesty.

Speaking on True Care - the swift follow-up to last year's We Move, James Vincent McMorrow says:

"Life is long. But then, it isn't really. Since I've been making records it's been about following a cycle. Make a record. Wait. Release a record. Play for 18 months. Take a break. I don't really understand that cycle any more. I want to make records when I'm compelled to, and I want to release them when they're still as fresh to me as they are to whomever is hearing them for the first time. The idea of sitting around waiting doesn't make sense to me".

  1. December 2914
  2. True Care
  3. National
  4. Thank You
  5. Interlude No. 1
  6. Constellations
  7. Holding On
  8. Bears
  9. Pink Salt Lake
  10. Interlude No. 2
  11. Bend Your Knees
  12. Change of Heart
  13. Glad It's Raining
  14. Don't Wait Forever
  15. Outro

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