Imarhan: Aboogi (Vinyl LP)

Imarhan: Aboogi (Vinyl LP)

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For 20 years the Tuareg culture and music has fascinated the world. Their quasi-sacred poetic songs inspire western songwriters like Kurt Vile or Jose Gonzalez, while the virtuosity of their guitar playing fascinates guitar heroes like Jimmy Page, and finally the spirituality and meditative hypnotism impresses electronic music producers like Four Tet.

With two albums, Imarhan has become an emblem of the new Tuareg generation, breathing new life into “Assouf”, the desert blues. While most of current Tuareg productions are exiled to the United States, the group, led by Sadam, is part of their culture and their city, the capital of the Tuareg people, with an open door to the desert. By building their own studio in Tamanrasset Aboogi, Imarhan become the spokesmen of the young Tuareg lost generation (forgotten by Algerian, Nigerian and Malian governments).

With Aboogi, Imarhan manipulates the rights and ancestry of the Tuareg. By inviting the legendary Mohamed At Itlale aka Japonais (who has since, sadly, passed away) and the genius musician Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni, Imarhan follows the heritage of Tinariwen, the godfathers of Assouf.

  1. Achinkad
  2. Derhan
  3. Temet
  4. Tindjatan
  5. Asof
  6. Assossam
  7. Taghadart
  8. Laouni
  9. ImaslanN’Assouf
  10. Tamiditin
  11. Adar Newlan

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