Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King (Coloured Vinyl LP)

Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King (Coloured Vinyl LP)

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The seminal album from Half Japanese pressed on limited orange vinyl and featuring updated artwork and liner notes from Jad Fair and producer Kramer.

This is the Zen of Half Japanese, of prolific songwriter Jad Fair; wide-eyed crooner, humorous raconteur and spontaneous storyteller. A genre-bending romp through the mind of the man, originally released in 1989 in a purple patch for the group, preceded by ‘Music To Strip By’ and ‘Charmed Life’.

  1. Open Your Eyes / Close Your Eyes
  2. Daytona Beach
  3. Lucky Star
  4. Some Things Last A Long time
  5. My Most Embarrassing Moment
  6. Buried Treasure
  7. Open Book
  8. Little Records
  9. Deadly Alien Spawn
  10. Postcard From Far Away
  11. Ventriloquism Made Easy
  12. Something in the Wind
  13. Bingo's Not His Name-o
  14. Put Some Sugar On It
  15. What More Can I Do
  16. Brand New Moon
  17. Another World
  18. Every Word Is True
  19. I Live For Love
  20. Werewolf
  21. Ride Ride Ride
  22. Sugarcane
  23. I Wish I May
  24. Ashes On The Ground
  25. Curse of the Doll People
  26. Horseshoes
  27. BlueBirds 

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