Gordon, Roxy: Crazy Horse Never Died (Vinyl LP)
Gordon, Roxy: Crazy Horse Never Died (Vinyl LP)

Gordon, Roxy: Crazy Horse Never Died (Vinyl LP)

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The Choctaw, Assiniboine, and Texan poet, journalist, visual artist, American Indian Movement activist, and musician Roxy Gordon (First Coyote Boy) (1945–2000) was above all a storyteller, known primarily as a writer of inimitable style and unvarnished candor, whose wide-ranging work encompassed poetry, short fiction, essays, memoirs, journalism, and criticism.

Over the course of his career he recorded six albums, wrote six books, and published hundreds of shorter texts in outlets ranging from Rolling Stone and The Village Voice to the Coleman Chronicle and Democrat-Voice, in addition to founding and operating, with his wife Judy Gordon, Wowapi Press and the underground country music journal Picking Up the Tempo. Along the way he cultivated close friendships with fellow Texan songwriters such as Lubbockites Terry Allen, Butch Hancock, and Tommy X. Hancock, as well as Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe Shaver, and, most famously, Townes Van Zandt, whom he called his brother. Although his work covered a vast array of topics exploring strata personal, local, global, and cosmic alike, Gordon’s primary subject as a writer, musician, and visual artist was always American Indian culture, specifically the ways it collided and coexisted with European American culture in the South and West and within the context of his own life and braided identity.
  1. Crazy Horse Is Alive
  2. Junked Cars
  3. Living Life As A Living Target
  4. Flying Into Ann Arbor (Holding)
  5. I Used To Know An Assiniboine Girl
  6. The Hanging Of Black Jack Ketchum
  7. The Western Edge
  8. An Open Letter To Illegal Aliens
  9. The Texas Indian
  10. Why Do I Miss Someone

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