Drakus, Gibraltar: Hommage A Zanzibar (Vinyl LP)

Drakus, Gibraltar: Hommage A Zanzibar (Vinyl LP)

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Gibraltar Drakus is a visionary bikutsi artist based in Yaounde Cameroon who made his name in the late 80s and early 90s with Les Tetes Brulees and associated acts.

Gibraltar Drakus literally exploded from his first album Hommage A Zanzibar (1989), which sold over 100,000 copies despite rampant piracy. For the recording, Drakus made sure he engaged prolific producer Mystic Jim to record and mix the album. Drakus’ other band during that period was Les Martiens but due to leadership disagreements they didn’t play on the album. He was advised and encouraged by Mystic Jim to change band personnel for the recording and work with Simba Daniel Evoussa on solo guitar, Pierrot Ahenot on rhythm guitar and Jean-Paul Litché on bass.

The innovation musically rests both within the guitar interplay and the discipline in the orchestration, which result in a mind-bending clockwork of cross-rhythmic harmony. Sublime on several levels the music is remarkably relaxed in its gymnastic execution. He aimed for the sound to exist somewhere between the sensibilities of the famous Les Veterans, Zanzibar and Messi Martin.

  1. N'nom Wom
  2. Exode Rural
  3. O Zanzibar
  4. Mekeya A Dzal "Retour Au Village"

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