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Field Music: Making A New World (Vinyl LP)

Field Music: Making A New World (Vinyl LP)

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  1. Sound Ranging
  2. Silence
  3. Coffee or Wine
  4. Best Kept Garden
  5. I Thought You Were Something Else
  6. Between Nations
  7. A Change of Heir
  8. Do You Read Me?
  9. From a Dream, Into My Arms
  10. Beyond That of Courtesy
  11. A Shot to the Arm
  12. A Common Language, Pt. 1
  13. A Common Language, Pt. 2
  14. Nikon, Pt. 1
  15. Nikon, Pt. 2
  16. If the Wind Blows Towards the Hospital
  17. Only in a Man's World
  18. Money Is a Memory
  19. An Independent State


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