Fatback Band, The: Keep On Steppin' (Vinyl LP)

Fatback Band, The: Keep On Steppin' (Vinyl LP)

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The Fatback Band's career started in the early 70s and lasted well into the late 80s. While they enjoyed a modicum of success, it was never on the same level as similar party funk bands like Kool and the Gang.

Their first four albums are touted by funk lovers as essential classics including this one from 1974. It gets an honorable mention over the others thanks to the ultimate dance floor butt wiggler "Wicky Wacky". There's other heat on here as well including the opener "Mister Bass Man", the block party jam "New York Style", and the soulful ballad "Love". The Fatback Band would venture into disco territory and then 80s electro funk where they would enjoy a few charting singles.

  1. Mister Bass Man
  2. Stuff
  3. New York Style
  4. Love
  5. Can't Stop The Flame
  6. Wicky Wacky
  7. Feeling
  8. Keep On Steppin'
  9. Breaking Up With Someone You Love Is Hard To Do 

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