Rundle, Emma Ruth: Electric Guitar: Two (Dowsing Voice) (Vinyl LP)

Rundle, Emma Ruth: Electric Guitar Two (Dowsing Voice) (Vinyl LP)

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  1. Intro to the Underpool: The Path, the Gate, the Field, the Well
  2. Keening Into Ffynnon Llanllawer
  3. In the Cave of the Cailleach's Death-birth
  4. Gathering Around Pair Dadeni
  5. Brigid Wakes to Find Her Voice Anew. The Little Flowers and Birds Show Themselves
  6. Imbolc Dawn Atop Ynys Wydryn. Ice Melts As the First Resplendent Rays of Spring Pour Over the Horizon
  7. The Tempest On Trefasser
  8. Don Danann Dana Danu Ana
  9. Standing Stones Singing/Cellphone Towers Ringing Up to the Darkening Sky
  10. In Sadness for Our Dying World (Here Come the Christians)

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