Deerhunter: Microcastle / Weird Era Cont. (Vinyl 2xLP)

Deerhunter: Microcastle / Weird Era Cont. (Vinyl 2xLP)

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Recorded over the course of a week in Brooklyn with Nico Vernhes on production detail, Microcastle garnered widespread plaudits internationally, with Pitchfork awarding it Best New Music, and The Guardian heralding "a remarkable band".  

Moreover, on release the physical record was accompanied by Weird Era Cont., a bonus collection of tracks quickly recorded in Atlanta following the album’s early leak, with Bradford Cox detailing the importance of "surprise" in extensive writings on his blog at the time, seeing them as complementary Fall/Summer records.

  1. Cover Me (Slowly)
  2. Agoraphobia
  3. Never Stops
  4. Little Kids
  5. Microcastle
  6. Cavalry Scars
  7. Green Jacket
  8. Activa
  9. Nothing Ever Happened
  10. Saved By Old Times
  11. Neither Of Us, Uncertainly
  12. Twilight At Carbon Lake 4:24
  13. Backspace Century
  14. Operation
  15. Ghost Outfit
  16. Dot Gain
  17. Vox Celeste
  18. Cicadas
  19. Vox Humana
  20. VHS Dream
  21. Focus Group
  22. Slow Swords
  23. Weird Era
  24. Moon Witch Cartridge
  25. Calvary Scars II / Aux. Out 

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