Romano, Daniel: Finally Free (Vinyl LP)
Romano, Daniel: Finally Free (Vinyl LP)

Romano, Daniel: Finally Free (Vinyl LP)

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Finally Free is Daniel Romano’s eighth long playing album in the last eight years, a prolific output of recording, producing, designing and delivering entrancing, poignant and creative records. Finally Free could stand alone as a pivotal record if it were only its profound and breathtaking prose on paper. Daniel Romano writes like an agnostic Whitman in his prime, exploring and uncovering new language and meaning for old sentiments grown tired.

Finally Free sings like a radical revelation, exploring the concepts of music as a celestial being, flora as a consequential ancestor, and singing, no matter its quality or sound, as the endmost important output of our species. Finally Free contains a vivid religious articulation despite its clear condemnation of a god as a singular ruling white male. New words have replaced old words for new meaning and the definitions have been left up to interpretation. It seems safe to say that Romano has broken the literary soil hard and ferociously to find the remaining repose in our current “danse macabre.”

Finally Free was recorded with one single microphone in “sitting vocal position”. The songs were written as they were recorded and the single microphone was surounded by various instrument work stations for Romano to play. The microphone never moved which means the room itself was mixed instead of the individual tracks.” Finally Free was recorded on a 4 track Tascam cassette recorder. Harking back to Romano’s early studies and obsessions in traditional folk music while simultaneously conveying a surprisingly modern and engaging aesthetic, Finally Free is dense with new wisdom and blissfully encouraging in these end times.

  1. Empty Husk
  2. All the Reaching Trims
  3. The Long Mirror of Time
  4. Celestial Manis
  5. Between the Blades of Grass
  6. Rhythmic Blood
  7. Have You Arrival
  8. Gleaming Sects of Aniram
  9. There Is Beauty in the Vibrant Form

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