Boris & Uniform: Bright New Disease (Coloured Vinyl LP)
Boris & Uniform: Bright New Disease (Coloured Vinyl LP)

Boris & Uniform: Bright New Disease (Coloured Vinyl LP)

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Bright New Disease is the Boris & Uniform collaborative album. Written and recorded in the darkest days of the pandemic, it is the sound of frustration, but one founded on resilience.
The album opens with the collaboration’s first single, “You’re the Beginning,” a ferocious thrash-inflected banger concocted by the Boris camp. From there the album continues its relentless assault with “Weaponized Grief,” a fevered mashup of Japanese D-beat and Boredoms’ deliberately mismatched sonic textures. There isn’t a moment to sift through the wreckage before the bands launch into “No,” a deliberate nod to the Japanese hardcore homage of Boris’s 2020 album NO. Respite finally comes with the glacial amplifier worship of “The Look is a Flame,” a Boris-penned song meant to evoke light and salvation over gloom and cruelty. Further heightened by the cosmic synth work of Randall Dunn and the groaning bass of Steve Moore, it retains the ominous timbre of the album while also hinting at the possibility of redemption.
The album’s timbral palette continues to broaden on the latter half of Bright New Disease, such as on the standout track “Narcotic Shadow.” Constructed around Berdan’s modular synth arpeggios, aided by Boris’s dark wave / new romantic-inspired vocals, and abetted by Greenberg’s warped studio manipulations, the song offers up a sleazy and woozy counterpoint to the unbridled rage of the album’s first half. Similarly, “A Man From the Earth” feels less centered on catharsis and more fixated on a gritty, buried-in-the-red spin on David Bowie’s glam years. But these deviations only serve to make the album closer and second single, “Not Surprised,” all the more bleak, anguished, and harrowing. Red vinyl version.
  1. You Are The Beginning
  2. Weaponized Grief
  3. No
  4. The Look Is A Flame
  5. Angels In The Abyss (Abadon)
  6. Narcotic Shadow
  7. A Man From The Earth
  8. Endless Death Agony
  9. Not Surprised

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