Dylan, Bob: New Morning (Vinyl LP)

Dylan, Bob: New Morning (Vinyl LP)

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Shortly after the album Self Portrait, Dylan released New Morning which expands on the laid-back-country-rock of John Wesley Harding by adding a bit more rock and roll.

Besides the hits 'If Not For You' and 'One More Weekend', Dylan explores some peculiar paths during the tracks of this album. He's experimenting with jazz-sounds on 'Sign On The Window' and 'Winterlude', rockabilly in 'Went To See The Gypsy' and even spoken word in 'If Dogs Run Free'.

In the US, New Morning reached number 7, going gold and in the UK it even bumped Led Zeppelin's III from the number one position.

2017 reissue.

  1. If Not For You
  2. Day Of The Locusts
  3. Time Passes Slowly
  4. Went To See The Gypsy
  5. Winterlude
  6. If Dogs Run Free
  7. New Morning
  8. Sign On The Window
  9. One More Weekend
  10. The Man In Me
  11. Three Angels
  12. Father Of Night

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