Barclay, Peter: I'm Not Your Toy (Vinyl LP)
Barclay, Peter: I'm Not Your Toy (Vinyl LP)

Barclay, Peter: I'm Not Your Toy (Vinyl LP)

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The diminutive Peter Barclay was that guy in early ’90s Oakland, the eccentric with the most style, the most talent, the local magician. This self-taught musical wizard recorded at home and produced two barely-released albums, 1990’s dreamlike Acceptance and 1992’s synth pop What Kind Of World, winning over the few who heard them. But fame outside his small circle was not to be, and Barclay was lost in the late-’90s crest of the AIDS epidemic. Rediscovered for a new generation, this is queer music at its finest… Welcome to the world of Peter Barclay. Black vinyl version.

  1. Acceptance Is The Key
  2. Love It In The Sun
  3. You Are Loved
  4. Echo Lake
  5. What Kind Of World (EDIT V3)
  6. Believe In Yourself
  7. Second Class Citizen
  8. O Afrika (EDIT V3)
  9. One Day

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