Replacements, The: The Pleasure's All Yours (Vinyl LP)

Replacements, The: The Pleasure's All Yours - Pleased To Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates (Vinyl LP)

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The Pleasure Is All Yours: The Pleased to Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates is a collection of material from The Replacements sessions for their critically acclaimed fifth studio album Pleased to Meet Me.

Recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis over a three month period in 1987 – with legendary producer Jim Dickinson – Pleased To Meet Me was the only album recorded by the band as a trio, after original guitarist Bob Stinson acrimoniously left the band. This Record Store Day exclusive release features an entire LP of outtakes and alternates which have never been released on vinyl before. Tracks include outtakes of Birthday Gal, Beer for Breakfast, plus, alternate versions of Alex Chilton and Can’t Hardly Wait amongst others. All audio has been remastered by Justin Perkins.

  1. Birthday Gal
  2. Learn How To Fail
  3. Run For The Country
  4. Can’t Hardly Wait (Alternate Version)
  5. All He Wants To Do Is Fish
  6. Alex Chilton (Alternate Version)
  7. I Can Help (Studio Outtake)
  8. Lift Your Skirt
  9. ‘Til We’re Nude
  10. Beer For Breakfast
  11. Trouble On The Way
  12. I Don’t Know (Outtake)

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