$hit & $hine: New Confusion (Vinyl LP)
$hit & $hine: New Confusion (Vinyl LP)

$hit & $hine: New Confusion (Vinyl LP)

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It may not have occurred to the average head that the sound of Tropicália melting gleefully in the sun (as here essayed on ‘Miami’) might be to their satisfaction, nor that the image of J Dilla trapped in a K-hole with Butthole Surfers would do anything but make them mildly anxious. Similarly, the prospect of Ming The Merciless screaming with
rage at his internet service provider (see ‘Robbed’) may not be something that immediately appeals to music listeners around the globe, and nor could most folk imagine an in-the-red floor-filler being quite as pulverising and irresistible as the motorik mangler ‘Annoyed’, which kicks off this album in incendiary style - no less than the sound of ‘Hallogallo’-in-hell.

Yet if the parallel universe of Shit & Shine exists for anything, it’s to map out new frontiers of wrong and righteous beyond your wildest expectations

  1. Annoyed
  2. Cocoa Leaves
  3. Miami
  4. Shipped
  5. Running Around
  6. Park Road 1-C
  7. Riviera
  8. Steak Butter
  9. Robbed

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