Kavanagh, Patrick: Almost Everything (Vinyl 2xLP)

Kavanagh, Patrick / Various Artists: Almost Everything (Vinyl 2xLP)

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  1. On Raglan Road (read by Bono)
  2. Stony Grey Soil (read by Michael D. Higgins)
  3. Memory of My Father (read by Liam Neeson)
  4. Canal Bank Walk (read by Imelda May)
  5. Peace (read by Hozier)
  6. Inniskeen Road: July Evening (read by Lisa McGee)
  7. In Memory of my Mother (read by Kathleen Watkins)
  8. The Hospital (read by Lisa Hannigan)
  9. Pegasus (read by Rachael Blackmore)
  10. October (read by Christy Moore)
  11. Shancoduff (read by Aisling Bea)
  12. Lines Written on a Seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin (read by Evanna Lynch)
  13. Extract from ‘The Great Hunger’ (read by Aidan GIllen)
  14. A Christmas Childhood (read by Sharon Corr)
  15. Epic (read by Jessie Buckley)
  16. Autobiographical Prose
  17. The Same Again
  18. Jungle
  19. Narcissus and the Women
  20. Epic
  21. God in Woman
  22. Kerr’s Ass
  23. Peace
  24. The Hospital
  25. On the Death of Jim Larkin
  26. Extract from ‘The Great Hunger’
  27. Living in the Country: Part One
  28. Dear Folks
  29. Miss Universe
  30. About Reason, Maybe
  31. To Hell With Commonsense
  32. October
  33. Come Dance With Kitty Stobling
  34. Prelude
  35. Having Confessed

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