Black, Karen: Dreaming Of You - 1971-1976 (Vinyl LP + 7")

Black, Karen: Dreaming Of You - 1971-1976 (Vinyl LP + 7")

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Produced by Cass McCombs and restored from the original master tapes Dreaming Of You compiles actress and musician Karen Black's studio and demo recording.


2 additional tracks (Cass McCombs covering Karen Black) included on the CD and as a 7'' with the LP)


1. Sunshine of Our Days
2. You're Not in My Plans
3. It All Turned Out the Way I Planned It
4. Dreamland
5. Dreaming of You
6. Headache
7. The Wind Doesn't Speak to Me Anymore
8. Well I Know You're Lonely Now
9. Love Peddler
10. Babe Oh Babe
11. That's Me
12. Question
13. Thank God You're Mine
14. If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind
15. Passing Through

16. Cass McCombs - I Wish I Knew the Man I Thought You Were
17. Cass McCombs - Royal Jelly 


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