Briggs, Anne: The Time Has Come (Vinyl LP)

Briggs, Anne: The Time Has Come (Vinyl LP)

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Offering some of her first original compositions, The Time Has Come was a break from tradition in more ways than one for Anne Briggs. Where previous recordings displayed the unaccompanied melodies of her voice, this album - originally released by CBS in 1971 - brings additional instrumentation in the form of guitar and bouzouki. The result is that her vocals are not submerged, but heightened - the plucked strings providing the perfect foil for her crystalline inflection.

The Time Has Come is a mix of Anne’s own songs alongside some notable covers (Lal Waterson, Steve Ashley, Stan Ellison, Henry McCulloch). All are graced with the quietly self-assured elegance of Anne’s playing, with sounds ranging from the breezy ‘Clea Caught A Rabbit’ to the terrible beauty of ‘Wishing Well’ - each song typifying the bouzouki or guitar style. To say that Anne was an accomplished picker is to do her something of an disservice - the intricacy of her finger-work rivals - and more often than not eclipses - any number of her contemporaries.

  1. Sandman's Song 
  2. Highlodge Hare 
  3. Fire And Wine 
  4. Step Right Up 
  5. Ride, Ride 
  6. The Time Has Come 
  7. Clea Caught A Rabbit 
  8. Tangled Man 
  9. Wishing Well 
  10. Standing On The Shore 
  11. Tidewave 
  12. Everytime 
  13. Fine Horseman 

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